Force stops/freezes/overlaps/blank spaces

Recommended system environments
If the application does not function properly (e.g., force stops/freezes, puzzle pieces overlap/do not fall), please confirm the following system requirements.

■Supported/Recommended devices/OS
・Please click here for details.

■Recommended System Requirements
・Please keep all other apps closed when playing "Days of van Meowogh," as the game may not function properly if you have multiple applications opened.
・Please check if your device has sufficient free space (open up several GB if your device has 2 or less GB available).

■ Network Environment 
The application may not function properly under the following conditions:

・In closed rooms and underground facilities (e.g., in a subway station).
・When traveling at high speed (e.g., when riding trains or cars).
・Under high voltage cables
・When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi connection.

※Even if the reception is indicated as strong on the device, the actual network may be weaker.
※Network may not be stable due to reasons other than the above.
※Try connecting with LTE (4G) if it is possible to turn off Wi-Fi connection.
※If you're using a public Wi-Fi connection, the network speed may be slow due to crowdedness.

 If the tips indicated above do not help solve your issue, please try restarting both the application and your device.

Change the puzzle speed
If you keep experiencing errors during gameplay, we advise that you set the puzzle speed to x1.

※Please note that changing the speed may not resolve your issue, as it may be due to other reasons.
※The puzzle speed cannot be changed on stages with time limits.

■How to set the puzzle speed
・Please click here for details.