Before reporting errors

The boosters I purchased are not reflected
Depending on your connection, your purchase may not be reflected instantaneously.
If your purchase is not reflected after waiting for a while, we advise that you try restarting the application. When doing so, please close all opened apps before opening up "Days of van Meowogh."

I am having problems with communication
You may experience communication errors during gameplay if there is not enough free space on your device. Please check to see if you have sufficient space left on your device (open up several GB if your device has 2 or less GB available).

In addition, we advise that you restart both the application and your device.

The app force stops/freezes during gameplay
■Application force stops/freezes during gameplay
Please check the following page: Force stops, freezes and update issues

If the tips written in the link above does not help resolve your issue, try reinstalling the application.

※Please make sure that you connect the game to your Facebook account before deleting the application; otherwise, your current game progress will not be saved.
※Please click here for more details on data transfer.

【How to reinstall the game】
① Uninstall "Days of van Meowogh" from your device (※Make sure to connect your game account to your Facebook account beforehand)
② Reinstall "Days of van Meowogh" from the App Store/Google Play. (We advise that you reinstall the application when you have a stable connection.)
③ Open "Days of van Meowogh"
④ Tap【Tap to Start】