There is a problem with my purchase

My purchase is not reflected

Please check your iTunes / Google Play Store account to see if you have been charged for the purchase. If so, try restarting
 your application. Please note that it may take some time until your purchase is reflected.

If your purchase is not reflected after waiting for a while, please contact us from the "Contact us" button in-app. Please make sure to fill out all parts of the inquiry form, and attach a screenshot of one of the following:

・Your receipt from iTunes/ Google Play Store
・Your purchase history

※Please send us screenshots of all your recent purchases if you made multiple purchases

I cannot make a purchase due to errors

1) Check that you can make purchases in other apps.

Open a different app and see if you can make a purchase there. You do not need to make a purchase. Check that the popup asking whether you really want to make a purchase appears.

If not, you may have in-app purchase restrictions set up on Apple/Google, or if you are using direct carrier billing, you may have reached your credit limit (if this is the case, please check with your credit card/mobile company).

2) If you can make purchases in other apps but not in "Days of van Meowogh":

Please restart the app/your device and try making a purchase in "Days of van Meowogh" again.

3) If your situation does not change after restarting your device:

Please try reinstalling the app. ※Please make sure to connect to Facebook before uninstalling the app.


My purchase was cancelled

If the purchase was cancelled but you did not receive a refund, please check with your credit card/mobile company.