I want to turn off notifications

From the in-app settings, you can only turn off notifications about hearts (your hearts are back, your friend sent you a heart etc.). To completely turn off notifications, you would need to change your notifications preference ①in the application and ②on your device.


【 Turning off notifications in the application 】

1. Tap the wheel icon (settings) on the top right hand corner of the main page
2. Tap "Notifications"
※Notifications are turned off when a red sign is displayed on top of the megaphone mark


【 Turning off notifications on your device 】


1. Open up the Settings application
2. Go to "Notifications" and choose "Days of van Meowogh"
3. Turn off "Allow notifications"


1. Go to "Settings"
2. Go to "Applications">"Application management">"Days of van Meowogh: Painting Happiness"
3. Turn on "Block all/do not display notifications from this application"
※Uncheck "Show notifications" if it is checked