Data Transfer

Data transfer

We advise that you connect your game account to your Facebook account so that you can transfer your data to another device or retrieve data after reinstalling the app.

Please note that you would not be able to retrieve your account data if your game account is not connected to your Facebook account.

Please click here to find how to connect your account with Facebook.

How to transfer data using Facebook

You can reconnect your game account with your Facebook account by tapping the "Connect" icon on the title screen or in the "Settings" tab. When you connect the game with your Facebook account, you will see the following message: "Found the linked data from Facebook. Do you want to retrieve it?" Tap "Yes" to retrieve your data.

I forgot my password for Facebook
Your Facebook password is managed by Facebook, and therefore we suggest you to contact their customer support for further assistance.

I forgot which Facebook account is connected to the game
If you have multiple Facebook accounts, please try logging in with the most likely one

Which SNS can I use to connect to the game?
Facebook is the only social networking service you can connect to.
※You can only connect one Facebook account per ID.

◆If you have any other questions about your account, please contact us through "Contact Support" in the Help tab.