Sending and Requesting Hearts

Rules and limits

・You can send and request pieces of hearts to your in-game friends. You can send/receive a piece of a heart per friend per day.

・When you receive 5 pieces of hearts, a heart will be sent to your inbox.

・Please note that the heart gauge resets every day at 12 AM (JST)

・You can receive up to 25 pieces of hearts (=5 hearts) per day

・You can send 1 piece of heart to each friend every day

・You can keep up to 25 hearts in your inbox. If you receive more than 25 hearts, the old ones will be deleted.


Requesting hearts

・You can request hearts once per day when you have less than 5 hearts (this is the number of hearts displayed at the top left-hand corner of the screen).

・You cannot request hearts when you have already received 25 pieces of hearts.

・This feature resets every day at 12 AM (JST).